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UN finissant, UN chorégraphe

Samedi 22 avril 2023
Studio-Théâtre des Grands Ballets Canadiens | Édifice Wilder

A unique meeting between the graduates of LÉcole supérieure de ballet du Québec's professional division and renowned choreographers who together create original solos, the show Un finissant, Un chorégraphe symbolically marks the passage to the professional world. Don't miss the chance to see our graduates in these personalized choreographies! In addition, you will see four pieces created by the Superior cycle students as part of the Apprentices Choreographers Project.

Duration: 1h45 with intermission.


May 26 and 27, 2023
Salle Pierre-Mercure

This is the school's annual event where students of the Intermediate, Advanced and Superior cycles present the culmination of hours of work and rehearsals within their program. A great way to close their year of ballet at L'École supérieure!

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