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Preparatory program

Preparatory program

The preparatory program is a springboard to the professional division, which includes the Junior, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior levels. The preparatory program is a full introduction to the vocabulary of classical dance, its requirements and expression; it gives students the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of professional dance training.

The preparatory program includes different components, presented in a playful manner in each class. An optional dance course (other than ballet) is also offered.

The Nutcracker:
Students in the preparatory program have the privilege of priority auditions for the roles of Mice (Prep. 2-3) or Children of the Party (Prep. 4) for Les Grands Ballets canadiens’ production of The Nutcracker.

Here is a sample course selection for Preparatory IV (age 9):

sample course selection
  • Crescendo: Physical strengthening and improvement of cardiovascular capacity required for the overall physical development of the primary student. (10 minutes of aerobics, 15 minutes of strength conditioning.)

  • Action games: Cardiovascular and strength conditioning sequences in the form of various games, aimed at developing the overall physical abilities of the primary student. (Jumping rope, hoops, circuit training.)

  • Ballet: Technical ballet class.

  • Invent a dance: Use of various components (body language, space, energy, processes, structures) to develop a personal or group creation.

  • Music in motion: Interpretation of music with body language, integrating musical values and nuances.

  • Dances of the world: Initiation to multiple dance styles, from folkloric to urban.

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