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Élèves de la division récréative avec leur professeure

Enroll your child today in one of our ballet classes and give them the joy of dancing.

Registrations for 2023-2024 are now closed. Please complete this form to receive an email when registration for 2024-2025 opens

Summer camp

The creative summer camp to move, dance, express oneself and have fun is back in 2024! Registration launches on Wednesday, March 6!

The children’s recreational division of L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec offers children ages 3 to 17 a wide variety of classes appropriate to the child’s age and level of development. Run under the watchful eyes of a specialized educational team, all courses are taught by highly qualified teachers and accompanied by a pianist. Our courses are focused on creative movement, ballet technique, and exploring music and dance, all in a respectful and welcoming setting.

For children as young as 3, we offer once-weekly courses for discovering and learning dance. For children 7 and over, we offer several options at various paces. The recreational division can therefore meet the needs of a variety of different student profiles. Whether your child is already dreaming of a career in dance or simply wants to explore a new activity, we have the right option for them.

3 possible paths

For those who are curious about dance

Children’s recreational program - ages 3 to 17 - 1 class a week (click here)

A child registered in the recreational program experiences the joy of exploring movement and dancing to music. The student is eager to attend ballet class each week and learn more about dance.

→ For those who love to dance

Children’s recreational program - ages 8 to 17 - 2 classes a week (click here)

Starting at age 8, children have the option of attending two classes a week. This more demanding pace sparks new motivation and enables faster learning.

→ For avid dance enthusiasts

Children’s preparatory program - ages 7 to 9 – A dance program with 3 to 7 hours of instruction weekly, designed to prepare children for admission to the professional division (click here)

Students who register for the preparatory program are naturally dynamic, inquisitive and dedicated – children who love to move and learn. Their fascination for dance, consistency and interest in the various courses are second nature to them. With between 3 and 7 hours of instruction each week, children make a full commitment to ballet and discover the exciting world of pre-professional dance training.

  • Nutcracker

Students enrolled in the Children’s preparatory program will have the chance to audition for some of the roles in Les Grands Ballets' Nutcracker (children, mice, rats, angels, reindeer and white sheep) in September.

  • Professional division auditions

All students in the recreational division are eligible to audition for the Junior level of the professional division, starting with Primary 5.

  • Open classes

In December, parents of children in all programs are invited to an open class.
In May, parents of students ages 3 to 6 are invited to an open class.

  • Year-end presentations

In June, parents of children ages 7 and over are invited to year-end presentations. (Children ages 3 to 6 do not participate in year-end presentations.)

  • Evaluation

Children who dance once a week in the recreational program are not subject to an assessment.
Children who dance twice a week in the recreational program are evaluated in February.
Children in the preparatory program are evaluated in December and April.

  • Certificates

Children who complete the year receive a certificate from L’École supérieure de ballet du Québec.

© Marie-Joëlle Dionne

© Marie-Joëlle Dionne

© Marie-Joëlle Dionne

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