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Petits pas de danse

Petits pas de danse

To discover the world of classical dance, whether at school or with family, L’École supérieure offers Petits Pas de danse, a program full of educational and fun activities for children and teenagers.

Demonstration at your school

Along with a portable ballet barre and two young dancers from the professional division, one of our experienced teachers visits a class to explain the B-A-BA of ballet and invites students to participate. This activity of about an hour, is offered in the Greater Montreal area, depending on the availability of dancers. Only transportation fees are to be paid.

Visit the Maison de la danse du Québec Ludmilla-Chiriaeff

Just a few steps from the Laurier metro you will find the studios of L’École supérieure and its costume room, as well as the Vincent-Warren Dance Library. School groups can take part in a guided tour, as well as in one introductory class designed specifically for them. Free activities, but limited spots!

Petits pas de danse - 00
School Matinee

School groups can attend an hour-long performance of Corps de ballet, the annual show of the professional division’s interpretation program Salle Pierre-Mercure du Centre Pierre-Péladeau de l’UQAM. Teachers receive a complete teaching guide beforehand to prepare students for this show. Bus transportation is offered at a cost of 5$ per student thanks to a partnership with Autocars Chartrand.

Suite Mozart

Suite Mozart, chorégraphie d'Anne Dryburgh | photo: Michael Slobodian

See all our teaching guides on the Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent-Warren’s website :

The Sleeping beauty ↗
Giselle ↗
Swan Lake ↗
La Bayadere ↗
Les Sylphides ↗
Balanchine ↗

Family Matinee

This offer is for little ones and their parents who wish to spend an afternoon at Salle Pierre-Mercure du Centre Pierre-Péladeau de l’UQAM and participate to a ballet workshop, go to the bun bar, attend an onstage class and take pictures with our ballerinas. All this, followed by an hour-long performance of Corps de ballet, the annual show of the professional division’s interpretation program. Between the different choreographies and various dance styles, a facilitator will illustrate and provide detailed information to further appreciate what is involved in the career of a young dancer. Save-the-date Saturday, May 25, 2019. Tickets on sale one month prior to the event.

Choreography: Sophie-Estel Fernandez

Nomade, choreography: Sophie-Estel Fernandez | photo: Michael Slobodian

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