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January 24th, 2024

A look back at our special day to celebrate the centenary of Ludmilla Chiriaeff

January 10, 2024 will remain etched in the memories of students in the École supérieure's professional and recreational divisions. This exceptional day, dedicated to the memory of the founder of our school and of Les Grands Ballets, offered a unique opportunity for exchange, gathering and artistic emulation at the start of the new school year.

Through special activities, students discovered the fascinating career of this visionary who left an indelible mark on the world of dance. In fact, they did an excellent job of answering a quiz concocted especially for the occasion by the Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent-Warren! Students in the Intermediary, Advanced and Superior cycles also took part in mixed-level classes, creating collective choreographies together. The younger students were delighted to be able to share these moments with the older ones, and the Superior cycle students took good care of those following in their footsteps.

This day of encounters, punctuated by presentations, testimonials and artistic performances, enabled us to honor the exceptional legacy of our founder while creating a rich moment of sharing and creativity.

Photos of students in professional division © ESBQ

Photo of students in recreational division © ESBQ

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