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June 4th, 2020

COVID-19: Emergency Fund

To avoid that talented young dancers have to give up their dream because of financial uncertainty following the pandemic, the Fondation de l'École supérieure created an emergency fund.

"We predict a high increase in financial aid requests from young dancers for the year 2020-2021 since a lot of them now live with considerably strained finance," explain the foundation's coordinator, Stella Andreatta Fleury.

The Fondation, whom already offers scholarships to 45 young dancers, had no choice but the modify their annual campaign. Indeed, because of the shows' cancellation, it was impossible to host their charity event. This resulted in a $70 500 shortage in donations this year.

The creation of this emergency fund comes to support the pedagogical team who continues its work with students during the lockdown. A rigorous and safe long-distance training helps keep our dancers in shape until their comeback in our studios. We all hope they will be back soon.

To hear the testimonials of our scholarship holders from out of Montreal, it's here.

Our students worked hard at home while in lockdown and stay focused on their dreams. Watch them at work here.

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