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January 15th, 2024

Minuit quelque part: 8 graduates, 5 professions, 1 show

No fewer than eight graduates of the École supérieure de ballet du Québec (ESBQ) from five different professions are taking part in the show Minuit quelque part, soon to hit theatres. Proof that our school is a veritable hotbed of talent, they dance, choreograph, produce, direct rehearsals and more! A glimpse into the dance professions that turn training into a standing ovation.


Kristen Céré and Anne Plamondon

These two former ESBQ students are among the eight choreographers who share the seven tableaux in Minuit quelque part. Commissioned to produce and direct, they shape a sequence of movements that reconciles the theme they were given with their own creative process.


Véronique Giasson, Katerine Leblanc, Lila-Mae Talbot

Channelling all they've learned both in school and through their many professional experiences, these three dancers deploy their virtuoso, rigorous and sensitive gestures alongside seven other performers to embody the choreography they've been given. Their strength and sensitivity unfold on stage, bringing to life the vision of the playwrights and choreographers.

Rehearsal management

Daphnée Laurendeau

To keep the work fresh in the minds of the performers and as solid as the choreographers imagined, rehearsal management is essential. For Minuit, we can count on Daphnée to follow the team before every rehearsal and sequence, to keep the creation as lively and animated as ever!


Nickaël Spinnhirny

The basis of any dance show is an artistic direction that dictates the main directions, and a production that ensures the artists have the means to fulfill their ambitions. For Minuit quelque part, Mickaël shares this role with Agence co-director Lydie Revez. Having left the ESBQ to become an interpreter, then communications director before founding his own agency, Mickaël was able to perfect his artistic and logistical skills, acquiring all those necessary to bring this work to the lights of more than 25 cities in Quebec, and make it shine with audiences here and abroad.


Lydia Bouchard

Last but not least, Lydia Bouchard, privately trained by Daniel Seillier, professor emeritus at the École supérieure. The Révolution judge has mastered both acting and directing! Alongside her sidekick Merryn Kritzinger, she ensures the overall artistic coherence of Minuit. The duo determines the nature and order of the tableaux, the transitions that unite them, the visual universe in which the dance evolves... in short, they orchestrate the broad outlines so that the choreographic magic can unfold at its best.

30 professionals, 1 dazzling work of art

En s'associant à d’autres artistes et artisans de tous horizons, cette équipe d'anciens élèves de l’École supérieure a créé une nouvelle famille pour investir la scène de leurs émotions et de leur envie de faire vibrer le public. À travers la fête rassembleuse et lumineuse qu’est Minuit, c'est la convergence de parcours différents qui est célébrée dans ce voyage nocturne chargé d'énergie.

Joignez-vous à cette fête rassembleuse !

Minuit quelque part
Présenté par Danse Danse
6-7 février


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