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    Photo: Michael Slobodian
  • Les Sylphides
    Photo: Michael Slobodian // Les Sylphides | Choreography: Michel Fokine | Corps de ballet 2014
  • La Sylphide
    Photo: Michael SLOBODIAN // La Sylphide | Choreography: August Bournonville | Corps de ballet 2015
  • Juxtaposition
    Photo: Michael SLOBODIAN // Juxtaposition | Choreography: Anne Dryburgh | Corps de ballet 2015
  • Swan Lake
    Photo: Michael Slobodian // Swan Lake | Choreography: Lev Ivanov | Corps de ballet 2016
  • Kalinka
    Photo: Michael Slobodian // Kalinka | Choreography: Natalia Chatilova| Corps de ballet 2016

Professional Program

The Professional Program developed and offered by L’École supérieure is unique in Quebec.

  • General Information

    The Professional Program developed and offered by L’École supérieure is unique in Quebec. It provides a blend of professional ballet training and an academic program to students from Grade Six to third year junior college. Graduates receive a high school diploma (Diplôme d'Études Secondaires, or DES), followed by a college diploma (Diplôme d'Études Collégiales, or DEC) in classical dance and performance. The professional training provided at L’École supérieure meets internationally recognized classical dance standards. The artistic direction integrates the best of proven methods while staying abreast of recent developments in the dance world. The school’s Professional Program focuses on students’ overall physical, psychological, artistic, technical and academic development, and is geared to enhancing their flexibility, posture, muscle tone, balance and mastery of movement. The ballet courses include daily classes on variations, repertoire, pas de deux, folklore, contemporary dance, dance history, anatomy, and more. Instruction is regularly enriched by the presence of guest teachers from around the world. Classes in dance technique for boys are given by specialists. The annual dance performance in a Montreal concert venue provides students with invaluable stage experience and the opportunity to showcase what they have learned during the year.

    academic partners

    In order to offer a sound general education to students, L’École supérieure works closely with several academic institutions recognized by Quebec’s Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport. With students devoting three to five hours a day to ballet, their schedules are specifically designed so that no subject suffers as a result. Students have the opportunity to access a university education and a variety of programs leading to other careers.

    École Saint-Joseph


    The École Saint-Joseph is a private school established in the Plateau Mont-Royal area since 1929; it uses an open and dynamic approach to education that encourages student participation.


    Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie


    The Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie, a denominational boarding school that took in its first students in 1905; it offers a stimulating learning environment at the foot of Mount Royal.


    Cégep du Vieux Montréal


    Founded in 1968 when a group of prominent schools merged in the heart of the Quartier latin, the Cégep du Vieux Montréal is known especially for its arts-based technical training programs.


    school year

    The school year starts with the Summer Intensive, which takes place over three weeks in July. It ends in May, with the annual show.

    In order to allow the students to prepare well for their examinations in other subjects, there are no ballet classes during the month of June.

    The return to school is at the end of August for all levels.

    foreign students

    At L’École supérieure, a diversity of cultures is reflected in the administration, teachers and students, with many of the latter coming from outside Quebec and Canada. Foreign students can either enrol in the professional program, or audit courses. While most of the courses are conducted in French, many teachers also speak another language, such as English, Russian and Spanish.


    For information on terms of payment, please see our list of fees.

  • Auditions & Admissions

    The Professional Program is designed for talented young dancers with a high potential for achievement. To be admitted to L’École supérieure, applicants must meet the requirements for age, dance ability and be in good health. There are two steps in the admission process: the audition, followed by the summer intensive. Applicants of all ages and levels may audition. However, the standards of acceptance are more stringent for students auditioning for higher levels. At the elementary level, L’École supérieure first assesses prospective students’ motivation and their natural abilities, including musicality, artistic sensitivity, flexibility, quality of movement, and so forth.

    Audition in person

    Auditions typically take between one and two hours. Composed of the Artistic Director and teachers from L’École supérieure, the selection jury evaluates the following criteria:

    • Coordination
    • Flexibility
    • Musicality
    • Expression
    • Motivation for pursuing a career in dance

    Audition by video

    Candidates who are unable to participate in the Montreal audition before a jury may send a video.
    Video audition (DVD or hyperlink) must be filmed with the camera at the body height and must include the following :

    • Facing front : simply stand, facing the camera, arms relaxed along the body.
    • Profile position: as above, but stand sideways to the camera.
    • Pointing feet : Sitting on the ground, profile to the camera, extend the legs in front of the body and point both feet.
    • Flexing feet: Sitting on the ground, profile to the camera, extend the legs in front of the body and flex feet. The heels can lift off the ground.
    • External rotation (turnout) : Lying on the ground, on the back, put the legs in a demi plié position (the frog). Try not to arch the back. Repeat the same position while lying on the stomach.
    • Back flexibility : Lying on the stomach, place both hands underneath the shoulders and push up with the arms only. The hips must stay on the ground.
    • Flexibility : Sitting on the ground, profile to the camera, with legs extended in front, lean forward and if possible, touch the feet while keeping the legs straight.
    11-12 years old
    • Exercises at the barre : pliés, tendus, grands battements, etc.
    • Musicality and coordination : skip in a circle or in diagonal on a musical accompaniment.
    • Artistry : perform a short choreography.
    13-19 years old

    Perform a short ballet class with these elements :

    • Barre (one side only)
    • Centre: tendus, adage, pirouettes and jumps (small, medium and big allegro)

    Girls add one pointe exercise in the centre (preferably a pirouette exercice) and one variation, depending on the level.

    Additional Information

    For further questions concerning entry, please contact Ms. Claudine Balaux, Registrar, at 514 849-4929 extension 225.

    Important Dates

    Montreal : Sunday, February 25, 2018
    Video : by Friday, March 30, 2018

    Summer Intensive: July 9 to 27, 2018


    Please fill the online form and send with two photos:

    1. Headshot (passport-type photo)

    2. Full-body photo in ballet attire (position according to academic level)

    A payment of $ 40 is required for the treatment of any entry.

    Summer Intensive

    Candidates accepted at the first audition are required to participate in the full summer intensive, which serves as a final evaluation. The school's Artistic Director assigns each new student to the most appropriate level of the Professional Program. Talented applicants who are not accepted at the end of the summer intensive are encouraged to pursue their dance training and may be invited to attend subsequent auditions.

  • Registration Form

    Information about the applicant

    Gender :

    Language :

    Academic and artistic background

    Academic and artistic background

    Current Academic Grade

    Previous dance training

    Other relevant training

    add your photos


    Passport type
    Limit : 2 Mo by photo. Accepted format : jpg, jpeg, png

    Full-body photo in ballet attire

    Limit : 2 Mo by photo. Accepted format : jpg, jpeg, png

    7 to 11 yearsold
    ARMS TO THE SIDE (facing front)

    Grade 6 and Secondary 1
    TENDU À LA SECONDE (facing front)

    Secondary 2-5 and Cegep

    Contact Information

    Primary Contact (for communications)*

    Language of correspondence :

    * Please note that communications will be sent to only one person at above designated address.

    Primary Contact (for payment)

    national audition tour


    Only the photographer(s) and videographer(s) appointed by L’École supérieure are allowed to photograph or record the audition. L’École supérieure reserves the right to use these images for their professional use and for their archives.

    Thank you. We will contact you shortly.

    To complete your registration, please proceed to the payment of the registration fee via PayPal.

    Audition registration fee : $ 40

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