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    Photo: Michael Slobodian

Preparatory Program

The Preparatory Program is aimed at allowing passionate and determined children to develop their talents in dance and prepare their auditions for the demanding Professional Program.

  • General Information

    The Preparatory Program offered by L'École supérieure de ballet du Québec is geared to girls and boys aged 7 to 11 who possess the physical and artistic qualities sought in classical dance. Courses are given from September to June, in the early evenings and on Saturdays. Admission is contingent upon an audition. This program requires a high level of commitment.

    The Preparatory Program emphasizes technique, musicality and enjoyment in movement. The child thus develops a true understanding of dance. Courses are based on teaching methods developed by the team from the Professional Program.

    Levels and Courses

    The program includes six levels. To move up to a higher level, students must meet the objectives set and fulfil the requirements. Students are evaluated once a year.

    Depending on the level, the Preparatory Program consists of classes in classical dance, stretching and strengthening, and folk dance.

    Level Age Day(s) Hours/week Weeks
    Preparatory II 7 Saturday 1 3/4 32
    Preparatory III 8 Tuesday and Saturday 4 32
    Preparatory IV 9 Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 6 1/4 32
    Preparatory V 10 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 6 1/2 32
    Preparatory Boys V-VI 10-11 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 6 1/2 32
    Preparatory VI 11 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7 1/2 32
  • Auditions & Admission

    Selection criteria

    Composed of the Artistic Director and teachers from L’École supérieure, the jury evaluates auditioning candidates according to the following aspects:

    • Coordination
    • Flexibility
    • Musicality
    • Expression

    Additional Information

    For further details, please contact Ms. Claudine Balaux, registrar, at 514 849-4929, extension 250.

    Important Dates

    Interested candidates (with or without formal training in dance) must be 7 years old as of September 30, 2018.

    Deadline for registration and payment of fees: March 18, 2018

  • Registration form

    1. Fill out the online form.
    2. Attach two photos: Headshot (passport-type photo) and full-body photo in ballet attire (see exemple in the form).
    3. A $40 fee will be charged to participate in the audition.

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